Walking tour through the Old Town                                                        (2 hours)

This is the ideal tour for first-time visitors to Salzburg to discover the magical charm of  one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

It covers the jewels of Salzburg from the Mirabellgarten to the Makartplatz; Getreidegasse the main baroque cathedral (Dom), Residenzplatz and the Abbey of St. Peter…

For the culturally inclined visitors I offer additional visits to the most important museums (Cathedral, Salzburg and Panoramamuseums) lasting anotherl 1 ½ hours.

Additional museum ticket prices are extra.

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E-Bike tours                                                                                                     (2 hours)

Interested in discovering Salzburg from a different perspective during a relaxed bycicle tour in and around the city?

This is the best way to experience Salzburg from the viewpoint of “the locals”

through the most beautiful parts of the city, along the river Salzach, the Hellbrunn Avenue and past the castles of Hellbrunn and Leopoldskron with their magnificient gardens.

You will have the opportunity to take some of the most beautiful pictures during this excursion.

(Bike rentals are not included in the prices)

The Fortress of Hohensalzburg                                                                   (2hours)

Departing from the centrally located  Kapitelplatz we reach the Fortress via cable car. On this trip you will be familiarized with the fascinating cultural heritage of our towering castle and the mysterious anecdotes going back centuries. A breathtaking 360 degree view of the city and its environs will certainly be an unforgettable experience – a  must for the photographers amongst you.

On demand we can also visit the spectacular castle museum (tickets not included in the price). Afterwards, we take a leisurely walk on the Moenchsberg down to the old city.


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Following the footsteps of the Archbishops                                           (2 hours)

Over the centuries the city was shaped and moulded by the ruling archbishops. This tour will focus on the architectural history of Salzburg’s castles, churches, parcs and monuments erected by successive archbishops interspersed with relevant anecdotes that provide a deeper understanding of Salzburg’s history.

I offer relevant museum visits upon demand (tickets not included in the price).


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Tracking Mozart                                                                                               (2-4 hours)

The name of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is eternally associated with Salzburg - his birthplace. His musical genius has contributed to Salzburg’s worldwide reputation. Different tours to his birth place and his residence can be arranged upon demand, and can include a visit to the cemetery of St. Sebastian where some of his close relatives are buried.


(Museum tickets are not included in the prices).

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The City Hills: Moenchsberg und Kapuzienerberg                                 (2-4 hours)

The two hills in centre of the city are a favourite excursion destination for young and old. As indicated by their names they are dotted with various monasteries, and the city walls reaching far up provided protection against attackers during the Middle Ages. An invigorating walk up the Moenchsberg can culminate in a visit to the Museum of Modern Art. Such a tour can be easily arranged by demand.

You can view here Pictures in the Gallery by the Salzburg photographer Robert Kovar.

(Museum tickets are not included in the price).

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200 Years of „Silent Night“                                                                            (3-4 hours)

In 1818 on Christmas Eve, the world’s likely most famous song was performed for the first time in the St. Nikolaus Church in Oberndorf  by Salzburg by their composers – the priest Josef Mohr and the village teacher Franz Xaver Gruber. The Memorial Chapel as well as the Stille Nacht Museum in Oberndorf will be visited.

In addition, a visit to Hallein can be arranged where ranz Xaver Gruber resided  28 years and worked there as a choir master and organist. (An additional 1 ½ hours).

Any museum tickets are not included in the price.

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Salzburg – Modern Art Excursion                                                                  (3 hours)

The city is not only fascinating for its history…..

Take a walk with me to discover Objects of the Salzburg Foundation (a private club established in 2001 with the aim of making modern art accessible to the public and  not only in museums.

Together we discover sculptures by national and international artists and  delve into their history and background.

Gaisberg / Untersberg                                                                              (2 ½ - 3 hours)

Favourite destinations for tourists and locals!


Untersberg (1973m) in proximity to the city offers a beautiful view of the alps. A cable car takes us to the top where we can wine and dine in a Gasthaus.

Sightseeing & apple strudel                                                                        3,5 Stunden


Baking plus lunch/dinner

In groups of 3-5 people,  participants will be making an apple strudel, and while it is baking they will be served a hefty goulash soup (vegetarian options available).

Thereafter, strudel will be served as dessert. This program is ideal as a lunch/dinner option during a Salzburg visit.


Impressum:  Annabelle Blanc    /    Zaunergasse 16b    /  5020 Salzburg     /     annabelletours@gmx.at    / www.annabelletours.com